Do you love art/music?

Do you spend fifteen or more hours a week developing your talent?

Do you go to art galleries or concerts, or study art books or music recordings?

Do you dream of attending a western arts school or conservatory?

Do you dream of creating something meaningful and significant to the world?

If so, the Vanke Meisha Arts Academy may be for you.

We know what it’s like to dream of becoming an artist/musician:

we've had—and are living—those dreams. We know that artistic/musical talent is precious, and that to develop it fully,

you need a deep commitment, dedicated time, great facilities, and inspiring teachers.

We know that as young artists/musicians, you need to surround yourself daily with other brilliant young talents:

to support, challenge, and inspire you to become the most accomplished artist you can be. Finally, VMAA is ready to help you realize your dreams.

Course Category

Music Performing Program

The cornerstone of the music performing program is interpretation. We take music students of talent, dedication, and technical accomplishment and develop in them fluency in the western tradition of analysis and interpretation.

Visual Arts Program

Students will learn how to observe and understand non-art objects and events in life and transfer them to art and design through their personal consciousness, logistic design thinking, artistic knowledge and skills.